The legal bit...

  • The Emsworth Extra card is run by the Emsworth Business Association. 
  • All Emsworth Extra cards belong to the Emsworth Business Association.
  • Owners and employees of any of the participating businesses, or their relatives, are not entitled to submit a card for the prize draw that has a stamp from their business. They can hold and complete an Emsworth Extra card with purchases from other businesses not related to their own. 
  • If we have reason to believe that the stamps have been obtained without a purchase, or otherwise outside the terms of the scheme, the card may be excluded from the prize draw.
  • The EBA may cancel or withdraw the scheme at any time.
  • The EBA can change the terms and conditions of the scheme.
  • Your rights regarding data protection. We will not share your details with any other company or business that is not an Emsworth Extra Card Participating Business.