About the ERA

Making sure your voice is heard

Emsworth Residents’ Association is an independent, non-political organisation representing the interests of the whole community to help make Emsworth a pleasant, safe and caring place to live and work.

What we do

Our team of professional and skilled volunteers works closely with other organisations to best represent Emsworth – its residents and thriving business community – not just by funding and match funding projects but through actually making a difference where planning, flood protection, transport, healthcare, children, schools, money and the environment are concerned. 

We help residents who have issues and worries about local developments by asking questions and getting answers; achieving results and a best outcome wherever possible. 

We take time to look at planning applications carefully and listen to residents’ views to make certain we best represent them.

We take transport and parking issues seriously and try to affect change whenever possible.

We engage with local police and community groups about issues that affect safety and security, making sure to build and maintain a good working relationship with other local groups with similar priorities in this area.

Healthcare issues are always a priority to us and so is maintaining a good working relationship with local councillors and local officials.

We’re working with schools and other organisations to provide local facilities and making groups aware of the funding available through the residents Community Chest funding.

We try to raise and maintain architectural design standards through consultation with the locally qualified professionals.

We are working to achieve a balanced infrastructure in line with the Emsworth Design Statement and regularly review local development plans and other allocations in Emsworth.

The EMS Newspaper

We publish The EMS which features news, activities and events, community projects, issues and developments and community group listings. The EMS reports without judgement or editorial comment. It provides a voice for local people and issues and helps to achieve solutions (in areas such as health, flooding, tree protection and cycle lanes) and raises awareness of local projects.

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How you can get involved

How we are funded

We rely on membership subscriptions from residents, donations and advertising in The EMS to raise much needed funds to support community projects across Emsworth, Hermitage and Thorney. 

We support activities such as: Emsworth Alliance, a school playground, youth sports, Nore Barn Wood defences, Brook Meadow, Hollybank Woods, the town’s Christmas lights, annual parades, Emsworth in Bloom and the Square’s bus shelter repairs.

You can help your community by becoming a member of the ERA.

For just £5 per household, per year, your support will help provide:

  • Funding towards the ERA’s Community Chest and grants local community groups and initiatives.
  • Funding for the quarterly independent newspaper The Ems.
  • The ERA with a strong community voice in developments and issues that affect the town, which means that your voice is heard too.

At just £5 per household, per year, you will receive:

  • Invitations to quarterly public meetings. 
  • Voting rights at these meetings.
  • A monthly update on town matters from the ERA Chairman.
For just £5 you can show your support for the ERA and become a member today.

Quarterly Public Meetings – Emsworth Community Centre

The ERA’s regular open meetings give residents the best opportunity to voice their concerns, ask questions and get answers from councillors and other professional bodies. We often ask inspirational speakers along and hear about new projects too.

2020 dates for Public Meetings 

All residents in the local area are welcome. You do not have to be a member of the ERA to come along and ask questions. Our April and July meetings have been cancelled due to the pandemic restrictions. We will let you know if our November meeting can go ahead.

  • 30 November – Quarterly Public Meeting

Dates can be found on the home page and in each quarterly issue of The EMS newspaper.