Community Chest Project – Terms and Conditions

About funding for our community

The ‘Community Chest Project’ is the name for the total annual sum of £4,000 set aside by the Emsworth Residents’ Association.

Who can apply?

Any group, charity, school or voluntary group inside Emsworth’s boundaries, Hermitage and Thorney are welcome. The Community Chest Project is very keen to support grass-roots activity.

There are areas that we can’t fund

There are certain types of work and organizations that the Project does not fund:
  • Grants for the benefit of one individual
  • Medical research or hospitals
  • Churches or other religious bodies where the monies will be used for religious purposes
  • Work where there is statutory responsibility to provide funding
  • Profit-making organizations
The application process is straight forward Applicants can apply for a sum up to £1000 per project. So just fill in the form here: Application-Form-Community-Chest We’ll look at your application carefully. A maximum of three applicants are shortlisted each quarter, with each group receiving a share of the £1,000. The three shortlisted applicants are notified. We let people know straight away when their project is successful. Each sum awarded is presented at our QGMs and supported by attendees. It sounds complicated – it isn’t. Applicants warrant that they have truthfully and accurately completed the application form. The number of applications you can make £1,000 is made available each quarter for the duration of the Community Chest Project. We want to tell Emsworth about your project. If we fund then we want your permission to tell people about it, please? Applicants, please give contact details. The ERA and the Community Chest Project will only ever use personal data and any sensitive data for the purpose of administering the Community Chest Project, will not publish them or provide them without permission to anyone not involved in the administration of the Community Chest Project and will administer and hold any data applicants give or which is collected during the application and grant process according to applicable privacy policies. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is a condition of application to the Community Chest Project. By submitting an application for a grant under the Community Chest Project, an applicant confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and agreement to be bound by them.

Grant Funding

We also provide funding outside of the Community Chest towards many worthwhile projects; so that’s on top of the £4,000 set aside above. So far, it has helped with these:
  • Completion of the shore defence works at Nore Barn Woods
  • Providing a commemorative plaque and a rose garden in Warblington Cemetery
  • A contribution to the Emsworth and Southbourne Community Christmas project to provide lunch on Christmas Day for those who are alone or unable to join their families
  • Further contributions to the Emsworth Christmas Day Lunch
  • Funding to help a start-up Rowing Club
  • Funding for sapling Trees at Redlands Grange
  • Funding for Emsworth In Bloom (regular donations are being made to this incentive there for all)
To apply for Grant Funding please download and print this pdf: Grant-application-form If you have any problems and need a bit of help with the forms, please contact: Jill Millar on 01243 377071 or send an email to: